Construction Completion to Payment

After your project completes construction, verification is the final step before you can receive your incentive payment. Verification is a key step to make sure your project completed the approved scope of work in compliance with ESA CAM Policies and Procedures. Here are three tips to make sure the verification process goes smoothly.

1. Communicate with your case manager.

Communicate with your case manager regularly via email or phone. ESA CAM sets up pre-construction and 50% construction completion calls with project teams to ensure all aspects of the scope and timeline are on track according to the Project Approval Letter.

If any changes occur during construction, please contact your case manager as soon as possible to submit a change order. Changes include anything pertaining to project cost, equipment type, quantity, or timeline. These items are reviewed on a case-by-case basis (see ESA CAM Policies and Procedures for more information).

Also, communicate with your construction team regularly to ensure you have verified that all installed measures meet the efficiency requirements established in your Project Approval Letter. Please make sure your ESA CAM point of contact is available to respond quickly throughout the verification process.

2. Ensure invoices match your submitted bids and approved incentive.

The verification process confirms that your approved project scope of work matches the measures installed on-site. To help you with this process, case managers will provide each project with the ESA CAM Verification Form that includes guidance on what information is required, including an invoice template.

Additionally, case managers will provide the ESA CAM Customer Verification Tool that will allow you to confirm if your approved material and labor line items align with your invoice totals.

3. Submit a complete and detailed verification package

Missing or incomplete documents in your verification package will delay the verification process. A complete verification package includes:

  • Copies of contractor invoices and bills of materials for ESA CAM upgrades
  • Cut sheets for installed measures
  • Signed permits and associated documentation (e.g., HERS testing results)
  • Incentive Recipient Certification and Contractor Certification form (for HVAC measures only)
  • Photos of each unique measure (including nameplates and model numbers)
    • If SOW includes attic insulation, please provide photo of ruler indicating inches of installed insulation
    • If SOW includes wall insulation, please provide photo of wall/uncovered holes in process of installation
  • W-9 form signed by the taxpayer who will receive the incentive
  • Completed and signed Verification Form

Photos should be clear, not blurry. All verifications packages should include zoomed out pictures of the equipment and close-up pictures of the nameplate.

By communicating regularly with your case manager and providing a complete package, including clear and detailed invoices, your project will be better equipped to move through the verification process smoothly. Your case manager is available for any questions about the verification process.