2021 Extended Construction Deadline

With the lingering challenges of COVID-19 delaying equipment delivery and construction timelines, PG&E has amended the July 1, 2021 construction deadline to September 1, 2021 for projects served in the 2017-2020 Program Cycle and enrolled prior to July 1, 2020.

All projects with incentive reservations that may require an extension must work directly with their ESA CAM Case Manager to revise the construction deadline outlined in the Project Approval Letter.

The ESA CAM program encourages projects to complete as close as possible to their existing construction timelines in order to receive incentive funding in a timely manner.

Projects that have not yet received a Project Approval Letter will work with their Case Manager to build a construction timeline once their ESA CAM scope of work has been approved.

Our program staff is here to support you, and we encourage you to take this survey if you believe your project will not meet this new deadline. Please reach out with any questions or concerns at 866-352-7457 or multifamilySPOC@trccompanies.com.