Program Year 2022 Overview & UPDATES (April 2022)

ESE CAM enrollment for PY2022 will remain open until program capacity is reached, however, the program will only allow projects into the program on a case-by-case basis after June 1, 2022 since projects must construction no later than September 1, 2022.

Please fill out an interest from here to have a property assessed for ESA CAM eligibility or to be added to the waitlist for future funding opportunities that serve low income multifamily owners and residents.

ESA CAM Important Milestones Deadline
Project Enrollment Deadline (only case-by-case after)June 1, 2022 
Construction Complete  September 1st 2022 
Submit Verification Package October 1st 2022 
ESA CAM Enrollment Deadlines  Deadline to Respond After Request 
Request to submit Affordability Documentation 10 business days 
Request to submit ESA CAM Application and POA 5 business days 
Request to schedule Prequalification Call 5 business days 

For more information on documentation required for ESA CAM enrollment see Section 2.2 Property Qualification Screening of the ESA CAM Policies and Procedures (p. 3) in addition to the Summary of ESA CAM Milestones (Figure 7, p. 12). Waitlisted applicants that have not participated in ESA CAM should also view pre-recorded ESA CAM webinars located in the resource sectionof our website for more information on the program, its offerings, and processes.  

ESA CAM hosted a PY2022 Program Overview Webinar in early December, click here to watch the recording. Please ensure you are signed up for our Newsletter for future important announcements. 

Applicants unable to participate in PY2022 will remain on ESA CAM’s waitlist for upcoming program cycles. Additionally, PG&E’s Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is a no-cost service available to multifamily owners/representative customers to help identify current energy efficiency programs and financing offerings.

Contact SPOC at 866-352-7457 or to learn more.