Program Essentials

Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures document contains an overview of participation requirements.

Policies and Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Factsheet

The program factsheet provides an overview of the ESA CAM program.

Program Factsheet

The eligible measures list includes the current list of measures eligible for ESA CAM incentives.

Eligible Measures

The measure gallery helps visualize the array of eligible ESA CAM measures. 

Measure Gallery

Program Webinar – December 10, 2019

View the program webinar for a 30-minute overview of the program process and requirements.

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Program Updates Webinar – June 25, 2020

View the June 25, 2020 webinar for updates to program processes and requirements, including the construction deadline, phased payments, change orders, virtual assessments (in response to COVID-19), and the ESA CAM project waitlist.

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Program Updates Webinar – March 11, 2021

View the March 11, 2021 webinar for updates on the 2021 Bridge Period, phased payment policy amendments for permit delays, and the ESA CAM program cycle timeline.

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Newsletter Archive

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Case Studies

Learn about completed ESA CAM projects in the program case studies.

  • Countrywood Apartments: No-cost comprehensive energy upgrades through program layering and advanced technical assistance.

  • AARTI Hotel: The AARTI Hotel, a property that houses formerly homeless youth in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, completed a lighting retrofit with funding from ESA CAM. The property installed new LED lighting and sensors in the community computer room, counseling offices, walkways, and stairwells that will create a brighter and safer environment for residents, while reducing owner utility bill costs by approximately $3,500 per year.

Contractor Resources

Verification Training Modules

ESA CAM’s new training videos are available to help you successfully complete the verification steps and move your project towards payment.

View Training Modules

ESA CAM Sample Verification Package & Checklist

The Sample Verification Package comprises 12 sample files designed to represent a complete ESA CAM verification package. The Sample Verification Package will improve customer clarity on the quality and completeness of documentation and further establish program expectations. The numbering of these files align exactly with the Verification Package Checklist for ease of comparison.

The ESA CAM Verification Package Checklist is included in the Sample Verification Package download and is designed to help project teams ensure all documentation is complete and accurate prior to verification package submittal.

Download Sample Verification Package

ESA CAM Verification Checklist

Post-Benchmarking Guide

The post-benchmarking guide reviews how to maintain your PG&E Benchmarking Portal and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accounts.

Post-Benchmarking Guide

Other Resources

PG&E Multifamily Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

PG&E’s Single Point of Contact Service (SPOC) assists multifamily customers by identifying current program and financing offerings for energy efficiency upgrades and construction. Contact their team at 866-352-7457 or to learn more.

Other ESA Websites

Southern California Gas, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas and Electric have similar programs within their service territories.

Click here to view a list of program websites for other service territories.