How to Participate in ESA CAM and ESA In-Unit

ESA CAM provides funding for common area and central system upgrades, while ESA In-Unit focuses on upgrades within residential units. Both programs can work together to help property owners understand their no-cost energy efficiency upgrade opportunities. How can properties leverage both programs to complete whole-building retrofits?

When a property applies for ESA CAM, the program team will evaluate the property for both ESA CAM and ESA In-Unit. ESA In-Unit measure offerings include vanity fixtures, LED lights, smart power strips, faucet aerators, weather stripping, and more. The ESA In-Unit team will reach out to property owners directly to develop a scope of work.

If possible, the program teams will also work together to coordinate installation. Property owners may decide to use ESA In-Unit contractors to complete ESA CAM upgrades. For more information, contact ESA CAM at or ESA In-Unit at (Non-Bay Area inquiries) or (Bay Area inquiries).